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Pink Cheetah for Facebook

1.25 usd

Pink Cheetah is a themed social application which lets you stay connected with your friends on the Facebook community. This is the older FASTER version of Facebook.Pink Cheetah Features:- WAY FASTER then regular Facebook!!!- Share status updates- Chat with friends- Check out your news- Check upcoming events- Check your friends walls- Upload Photos- Check your messages.... And much more!
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* PLEASE rate & comment on the app when you have a free moment.
*Please Read*-------------
* If you have any questions or problems then please email me before posting negative comments or ratings. The problems are usually not app related and can be fixed, I will get back to you as soon as possible.
* If you are having problems downloading from the market or your Facebook pictures are not showing up in the application then try connecting with a WiFi connection and trying again.
* This is a one time purchase and you will not be charged anything monthly.
* If you are having issues receiving notifications then go to your Facebook account settings on the Facebook website and set notifications to be sent to you either by email or text. The notifications in Pink work for some and not others, when a fix is found then a update will be released promptly.
* Pink Cheetah & MJRAndroid are in no way affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Facebook. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.
* This is a theme and is intended as such.